We offer education, encouragement and labor support to women transitioning into motherhood.

One to One Consultations involve educational support and discussion regarding pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, early parenting, sexual health and relationship dynamics relating to motherhood. Clients are assessed to identify obstacles and possible concerns that may impede an easy transition into motherhood.

Focusing on a healthy positive pregnancy including nutrition, prenatal screenings, life style and relationship changes.

Advocating for a safe balance between mother’s personal preferences, holistic  options and medical care by open communication with medical staff and informed consent.

Providing an understanding of a women’s sexual health which include anatomy and physiology, body image, sexual beliefs,sensuality,  fertility and contraception.

Screening and providing resources for postpartum depression care and birth trauma resolution.

Supporting baby and mother friendly early parenting evidence based practices with attention to the cultural, religious,  social and economical needs of each individual mother.

Providing solutions to promote the growth and development of relationships between parent and child, parent to parent, intimate partner, extended family and employer.

Doula services that offer continual hands on support during labor and birth.

Lamaze Childbirth Classes.


Prenatal Meditation and Yoga classes for a mindful pregnancy and in preparation for labor and birth.

Facilitator for Charlotte R.O.S.E Breastfeeding support addressing the specific barriers and unique needs of African American mothers.

Reinvent & Flourish: Words of Wisdom Podcast for women and expectant/ new mothers covering topics related to health and parenting.

Special events and continue education for birth advocates and professionals through workshops, seminars and webinars.


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